From the soup pot ...

Clear beef broth
With home-made pancake strips,
home-made liver dumplings, egg or just as it is

Salzburg Cream of Garlic soup
With roasted croutons

Mexican Tomato soup
With diced pepper, creme fraiche and croutons

French Onion Soup
With cheese toast and fresh herbs

Pinzgau Kaspreß dumplings
in a beef broth


For starters we recommend ...

Carpaccio of Pinzgau beef
Marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil,
fresh Parmesan and herb toast, finely garnished

Prawn cocktail "Neptune"
North Sea prawns with fruit and cocktail sauce,
finely garnished, served with toast and butter

Baked potato pockets
Potato pockets filled with cream cheese and herbs
Served on a colourful winter salad, with a home-made dressing

Falsche Schnecken
Roast beef fillet tips in a garlic – herb butter, served au gratin and with bread

Plate of Italian raw hams
Air dried raw ham from Italy, olives,
fresh Parmesan shavings, finely garnished, olive oil and bread

Local chanterelles and ceps
in a creamy sauce, served with home-made dumplings
in a napkin and fresh herbs


Typical Austrian ...

Wiener Schnitzel (made from pork or turkey)
French fries and cranberries also served from the pan

Cordon Bleu (pork or turkey)
French fries and cranberries also served from the pan

Plain veal steak
in a fine cream sauce, also served with buttered rice and fine vegetables

Escalope chasseur "St. Christof"
grilled turkey escalope with fresh mushrooms in a creamy sauce,
also served with home-made buttery "spätzle" noodles and
fresh vegetables from the market

"Pinzgauer Kasnock'n" (cheese spätzle)
Served in the cast iron pan, and also with a plate of colourful salad


Treats from the barbecue ...

"Audacious marriage"
juicy grilled beef fillet and 3 King-Prawns
on a sauce béarnaise, also served with roast potatoes and fine vegetables

Peppered steak, made our way
juicy grilled beef fillet on a fine creamy pepper sauce,
also served with flavoursome roast potatoes and colourful vegetables

Slimmer’s steak, for connoisseurs
grilled beef filet steak with home-made herb butter,
served with a big bowl of salad (finely garnished)

Filet steak “Cafe de Paris” with Pinzgau beef
juicy grilled filet steak with herb butter, also served with
French fries and a colourful, seasonal plate of salad 

Rump steak “Harvest Festival”
grilled beef loin served on local creamed mushrooms,
also served with home-made dumplings in a napkin and
colourful vegetables

Rump steak “Dorfkrug”
juicy grilled rump steak on a creamy pepper sauce, also served with
?French fries and colourful seasonal vegetables

Entrecote “Dorfkrug”
Medium roasted loin fillet, served on marinated salad of leaves with
Cherry tomatoes, fresh Parmesan, and also roast potatoes

Pork medallions “St. Hubertus”
three grilled pork medallions served on local creamed mushrooms,
also served with home-made dumplings in a napkin and
colourful vegetables

Skewers “Katharina”
Pork fillets on a skewer in a sauce with colourful peppers,
also served with potato croquettes and fresh market vegetables

Saddle of pork “Bauer-Hansl”
With garlic and pepper, also served
with home-made herb butter, French friesand a plate of mixed salad


Delicacies served in the pan ...

Poacher’s pan
Grilled beef and pork fillets, on local creamed mushrooms,
also served with homemade butter spätzle noodles and three types of vegetables

A´ Fuhr Mist
Various barbecued beef, pork and turkey,
also served with French fries, colourful seasonal vegetables and pepper sauce


Home-made game dishes ‘from father Spath´s stomping ground ...

Roast venison
Roast venison in its own jus, also served with
Buttered spätzle noodles, fine market vegetables and cranberries

Roast venison
in a Burgundy cream sauce, also served with
potato croquettes, colourful market vegetables and cranberries


By advance order ... - from 2 people

Chinese hot pot
Mixed meat hot pot in beef broth
(easily digestible)
various meat varieties from beef, pork
and turkey, sausages, potatoes en papillote, bowl of salad,
French fries, garlic bread, various sauces

Swiss cheese fondue
Melted cheese, mixed bread cubes,
mixed pickles, potatoes en papillote with cheese sauce,
garlic bread and a salad bowl

Grilled knuckle of pork
Crispy grilled knuckle of pork,
also served with bread dumplings and sauerkraut


 Our healthy selection ...

Farmer's salad "Seppl"
various market salads, marinated in home-made dressing, roast potatoes and bacon

Tuna salad "Rhodos"
marinated seasonal salad with tuna, onions, olives and egg, also served with home-made bread

Athlete's salad "Opti - Fit"
Large plate of salad with fresh market salads of the season,
also with bacon - strips of cheese and egg

Salad with grilled giant prawns
5 King-Prawns in olive oil and garlic
roasted, on a crunchy leaf salad, with herb toast

Dorfkrug salad plate
Vitalizing marinated seasonal salad plate
With roast turkey breast and a yoghurt dressing

Kaprun housewife's salad
Large colourful mixed seasonal salad plate with baked turkey breast,
marinated with balsamic and yoghurt dressing

Dorfkrug salad plate
Vitalizing marinated seaso
nal salad plate
With roast turkey breast and a yoghurt dressing

"Excelsior" salad plate
fresh market salad with grilled filet of beef,
pork and turkey, with prawns, bacon,
tuna and onions

House salad plate
Large colourful bowl of salad
With seasonal dressing and yoghurt dressing

Summer salad plate (side salad)
various seasonal salads with house dressing

Warm garlic bread


Fish from river and sea ...

Mountain stream trout "pan fried“
Roasted in butter with fresh herbs, also served with
Parsley potatoes and a colourful salad plate of the season

Pike fillet "Natural"
Baked in almond butter, also served with diced potatoes and three sorts of vegetables

Grilled prawns
Flavoursome, grilled in olive oil and garlic, also served with rice and vegetables,
garlic sauce and a winter salad plate

Baked flounder fillet (2 fillets)
served with parsley potatoes and remoulade


Pasta dishes ...

Lasagne al Forno
Baked pasta dish

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with prawns
And Olive oil, diced pepper, garlic, prawns and chilli

Chilli Spaghetti with garlic
And Olive oil, diced pepper, garlic and chilli

Spaghetti „Napoli“
With tomato sauce and Parmesan

Spaghetti al Carbonara
with strips of bacon, some garlic and a creamy sauce


 All kinds of sweet things ...

A' Driatlon
A variation made from three types of parfait on a
Layer of fruit, finely garnished??

Home-made "After Eight" parfait
finely garnished with fresh fruits

Crepe "Dorfkrug"
Pancake filled with vanilla ice-cream and hot fruits of the forest

Ice-cream pancake
With hot chocolate sauce, vanilla ice-cream, almond slivers and cream

Jus Pala
With chocolate sauce, nuts,
vanilla ice-cream and cream

Chocolate pudding
With warm chocolate sauce,
Vanilla ice-cream and cream

Warm curd dumplings
Served on hot fruits of the forest

Viennese "Kaiserschmarrn" (sugared pancakes with raisins)
Served with cranberries

Curd cheese squares
2 squares

Lemon sorbet
With champagne or Vodka

Mozart’s "kleine Nachtmusik"
1 scoop of walnut ice-cream, Mozart liqueur,
a touch of whipped cream with chocolate sauce,
Mozart scoop and topping

Warm Apple or Quark strudel
With cream, vanilla sauce or vanilla ice-cream


To finish some Schnapps ...

Elder Schnapps

Pear Schnapps

Cherry Schnapps

Apricot Schnapps

Real fruity Schnapps




SUMMERCARD new - from summer 2012!!

Our apartment guests can use for free during the stay the summer card Zell am See-Kaprun 2012.