Simply good food - feel good!

Jucy steaks and Austrian delicasies Steaks.

„Taste is everything“ – we prepare all dishes according to our own recipe, such as a wide variety of grilled specialties, homemade pizzas and fantastic salad creations.

Our steak dishes are just one of the highlights.
With all meals, we serve wine connoisseurs and wine lovers specialties from our extensive selection.

Our recomendation for you: All pizzas are paked inside a stone oven in the traditional, rustic mountain hut. As ingredients, we mainly use products from the region.

Give yourself a culinary treat in our restaurant. In summer, you are welcome to dine out on our spacious terrace, which offers a magnificent view of the mountains of Kaprun.

Our opening times

Monday rest day

Restaurant open from 10:00
Kitchen from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm
Pizza from 14:00 to 23:00

For restaurant-reservations call: +43 (0) 6547 / 20081

Pizza menu

From 2:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. we serve Home-made pizza…

tomatoes, cheese, oregano

Al Funghi
tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, oregano

Pizza Cardinalle
tomatoes, cheese, ham, oregano

Al Tonno
tomatoes, cheese, tuna, onions, olives, oregano

tomatoes, cheese, salami, pfefferoni, oregano

Prosciutto e Funghi
tomatoes, cheese, ham, mushrooms, oregano

House Pizza
tomatoes, cheese, ham, salami, bacon, sweetcorn, hot pepper, mushrooms, garlic, oregano

Al Capone
tomatoes, cheese, ham, salami, mushrooms, sweetcorn, peperoncini, oregano

tomatoes, cheese, onions, bacon, mushrooms, garlic, oregano

tomatoes, cheese, salami, mushrooms, onions, hot pepper, oregano (spicy)

tomatoes, cheese, ham, mushrooms, artichoke, olives, oregano

tomatoes, cheese, salami, sweetcorn, onions, Gorgonzola, anchovies, oregano

tomatoes, cheese, ham, pine apple, oregano

Al Prosciutto
tomatoes, cheese, Prosciutto, Ruccola, Parmesan, oregano

Al Prosciutto "Speziale"
tomatoes, cheese, spinach, feta cheese, Prosciutto, Ruccola, Parmesan, oregano

tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, sweet corn, sweet pepper, artichoke, spinach, oregano

Quattro Formaggi
tomato sauce, cheese, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, feta cheese, oregano

Pizza "Spinacci"
tomatoes, cheese, spinach, feta cheese, garlic, oregano

Pizza bread


Beef broth
with home-made sliced pancakes, home-made liver dumpling, egg or natural

"Salzburg" garlic soup
with roasted white bread crumbs

French onion soup
with cheese toast and fresh herbs

Mexican tomato soup
with sweet pepper cubes, Crème Fraiche and croutons

Hungarian goulash soup
served with bread

Pinzgau cheese dumpling
in beef broth

As a starter we recommend...

Beef Carpaccio of Pinzgau cattle
marinated with Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh Parmesan and bread

Shrimps cocktail "Neptun"
shrimps with fruits and cocktail sauce, bread

Caprese "Milano"
fresh tomatoes and Mozzarella with basil, olive oil and Balsamic dressing, yoghurt dip and nuts 

fried potato patties
potato patties filled with cream cheese and herbs on mixed winter salad with home made dressin

"False" snails
roasted slices of beef fillet in garlic herb butter with cheese au gratin and white bread

Homelike mushrooms and porcini
in creamy sauce with home-made dumplings and fresh herbs

Grilled prawns
in olive oil and garlic on marinated lettuce and cherry tomatoes

fried Camembert
on marinated lettuce with Austrian pumpkin seed oil and cranberries

Typical Austrian...

Viennese escalope (pork or turkey)
Served with French fries and cranberries

Cordon Bleu (pork or turkey)
Served with French fries and cranberries

Grandma´s Creamy Escalope
escalope of pork on a creamy sauce served with buttered rice and delicate vegetables

Kaprun wedding escalope
pork escalope filled with roasted mushrooms and ham fried in sesame on paprika cream sauce with croquettes and seasonal vegetable

Hunter escalope "St. Christophe"
grilled turkey escalope with creamy mushrooms served with home-made buttered egg dumplings and fresh vegetables

Pork fillet "Roquefort"
grilled pork medallions on Gorgonzola cheese cream sauce with rice with herbs and mixed salad

Grilled breast of turkey
on a creamy cheese sauce served with basil noodles and seasonal vegetables

specialities from the grill...

Surf and Turf
juicy grilled beef fillet and 3 king prawns on Sauce Béarnaise with roasted potatoes and vegetables

Pepper steak Dorfkrug
juicy grilled fillet of beef on a creamy pepper sauce served with spicy roasted potatoes and vegetables

Lady Steak
grilled fillet of beef with home-made herb butter, backed potato with sour cream and salad

Fillet steak "Cafe de Paris"
juicy grilled fillet of beef with herb butter and two kinds of dip with French Fries and mixed salad

Steak & Salad
300g grilled rump steak with herb butter, garlic bread, different kinds of dip and mixed salad

Entrecote "Dorfkrug"
pink grilled roast beef on marinated lettuce with cherry tomatoes and fresh Parmesan served with roasted potatoes

Rumpsteak "farmer´s harvest"
grilled roast beef on creamy mushrooms, served with home-made dumplings and mixed vegetables

Rumpsteak "Dorfkrug"
juicy grilled rump steak on a creamy pepper sauce served with French Fries and mixed seasonal vegetables

Pork medallions "St. Hubertus"
3 pieces of grilled pork medallions on creamy mushrooms, with home-made dumplings and winter vegetables

meat skewer "Katharina" 
pork fillet on a skewer on a creamy pepper sauce, served with croquettes and fresh vegetables

The Kaprun Castle Skewer
mixed kinds of meat on a skewer, served with baked potato with dip, French Fries, creamy pepper sauce and vegetables

Saddle steak of pork "farmer- john"
with garlic and pepper served with home-made herb butter, French Fries and mixed salad

Alpinist steak
300g grilled saddle steak of pork served on a wooden board served with home-made herb butter, roasted potatoes and different kinds of dipn

Specialities served in a pan...

Poacher pan
grilled fillet of beef and pork on creamy mushrooms served with home-made buttered egg dumplings and vegetables

A truck load dung
mixed grilled beef, pork and turkey served with French Fries, vegetables and creamy pepper sauce

Dorfkrug "schnitzel" pan
mixed fried escalopes of pork, chicken and turkey with parsley potatoes, cranberries and mixed salad

Home made game dishes

Venison roast "Baden Baden"
venison roast in own sauce served with buttered egg dumplings, vegetables and cranberries

Deer roast
in a creamy Burgundy sauce served with croquettes vegetables and cranberries


Lasagne al Forno
gratinated noodle casserole

Spaghetti Bolognese
with tomato meat sauce

Spaghetti Napoli
with tomatosauce, parmesan and herbs

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